About Us

A Few Words About Us


DOTS Occupational Therapy for Kids is a mobile Occupational Therapy service for children in the Redlands area and South East Brisbane. We are a passionate and enthusiastic team of Occupational Therapists with a minimum of 14 years experience. We have a range of skills in working with children of various ages and needs.
We see children with ASD, ADHD/Behavioural difficulties, physical disabilities, developmental delay, coordination difficulties, as well as children with no diagnosis who may just be struggling with a specific skill e.g.: dressing/handwriting/ball skills.
Our team is committed to continuous professional development to develop their skills and strive to use the latest research in planning your child’s assessment and intervention.
We aim to help children to improve their independence in everyday life skills (toileting/self-care), emotional regulation, school readiness, coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills, visual perceptual and sensory challenges. We help the child and their family achieve their goals by providing quality, innovative therapy services and resources.

DOTS Occupational Therapy for Kids is an approved Early Intervention provider for FaHCSIA’s Helping children with Autism funding and the Better Start Initiative packages

What We Offer

Individual treatment. When a child is referred for Occupational Therapy the process starts with an assessment. This involves the parent and child, as well as a discussion with teacher/observations at school, along with discussions with other team members, e.g. Paediatrician, Speech Therapist, Psychologist.

Assessments are carried out primarily at home, and include a discussion with caregivers, clinical observations, and standardised assessment tools.

The assessment findings together with information from the discussions are integrated into a summary and recommendations for their parents.

If therapy is recommended, goals are set together with the parents and an individual intervention programme is set. Therapy sessions vary in length and can be either home or school based. In addition to the 1:1 sessions, parents are also provided with ideas/activities/recommendations to work on at home between sessions to support ongoing skill acquisition. During therapy sessions the Occupational Therapist will use goal directed activities and play to assist the child in reaching their goals

Group treatment. We offer a variety of small group sessions for children focusing on school readiness, fine motor skills, social skills, and sensory                           regulation. Please contact us to find out more..

Teacher Information and resources Because we have a holistic approach to each child’s development and progress we offer training for schools and their staff. Topics vary and can focus on sensory processing, early intervention, and motor development, to name a few. In addition we are available to make recommendations regarding resources or structures that may be needed within the classroom to support a specific child’s needs. Please contact us if you or your school would like to find out more information or have a specific request regarding a topic.
Parent Educational and resources Empowering parents is a valuable part of the therapy process and we therefore host a variety of parent workshops addressing a host of topics e.g.: ‘Play’ as therapy, Being Sensory Detectives,Handwriting delay. We are also on hand to support parents in choosing and purchasing a variety of resources or therapy aids that may be necessary as part of your child’s intervention programme. Please contact us for information