Group education and workshops


DOTS OT for Kids regularly run groups fTherapy for kidsor children, parents and teachers.

Empowering parents is a valuable part of the therapy process and we therefore host a variety of parent workshops addressing a host of topics e.g.: ‘Play’ as therapy, Being Sensory Detectives, Handwriting delays

We offer a variety of small group sessions for children focusing on school readiness, fine motor skills, social skills, and sensory regulation.

Because we have a holistic approach to each child’s development and progress we offer inservice training for schools and their staff. Topics vary, but can focus on sensory processing, early intervention, and motor development, to name a few.

In addition we are available to make recommendations regarding resources or structures that may be needed within the classroom to support a specific child’s needs.

Groups can be tailored o yoworkshopur education centre or support/community group.

Groups are advertised on our FACEBOOK page. Contact us if you would like to book a tailored group or enquire about up coming groups.(Group fees vary according to group size and location)